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Ms A 48r

[48r°]       a spark,
       The special wine,
       Cause flowings in them from the balsam of God.

Yes, it was very lightly we followed in Jesus’ footprints. The sparks of love He sowed so generously in our souls, and the delicious and strong wine He gave us to drink made all passing [5] things disappear before our eyes, and from our lips came aspirations of love inspired only by Him. How sweet were the conversations we held each evening in the belvédère! With enraptured gaze we beheld the white moon rising quietly behind the tall trees, the silvery rays it was casting upon sleeping nature, the bright stars twinkling in the deep skies, the light breath of the evening breeze [10] making the snowy clouds float easily along; all this raised our souls to heaven, that beautiful heaven whose “obverse side” alone we were able to contemplate.

I don’t know if I’m mistaken, but it seems to me the outpourings of our souls were similar to those of St. Monica with her son when, at the port of Ostia, they were lost in ecstasy at the sight of the Creator’s marvels! It [15] appears we were receiving graces like those granted to the great saints. As the Imitation says, God communicates Himself at times in the midst of great splendor or “gently veiled, under shadows and figures.” It was in this way He deigned to manifest Himself to our souls, but how light and transparent the veil was that hid Jesus from our gaze! Doubt was [20] impossible, faith and hope were unnecessary, and Love made us find on earth the One whom we were seeking. “Having found us alone, he gave us his kiss, in order that in the future no one could despise us.”

Graces as great as this were not to be without fruit and it was abundant. The practice of virtue became sweet and natural to us. At the beginning, it is true, my face betrayed the struggle, but little by little this vanished and renunciation was easy, even the first call of grace. Jesus has said: “For to



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