Photo 25 - Saint Therese of Lisieux
Photo no. 25

Photograph taken by Céline in the wash house the same day as the preceding photo. The sisters changed places for fun.

Date: Friday, April 19th, 1895.

From left to right: Marie-Philomène, Thérèse of Jesus standing, Anne of the Sacred Heart (from the Carmel of Saigon), Marie de Gonzague, Saint John of the Cross, Agnès of Jesus (Pauline), Marie of the Incarnation, Marie of the Angels, Geneviève of the Holy Face (Céline) and behind her, Hermance of the Heart of Jesus. Then Saint John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Marguerite-Marie and Martha of Jesus, Saint Vincent de Paul bent very near the water, Thérèse, in front of her Marie of the Trinity who was ben forward and had moved, Marie of the Sacred Heart, Thérèse of Saint Augustin, Marie of Jesus bent forward with a blurry face, Marie-Emmanuel standing and Saint Stanislaus with her glasses.

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