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Ms A 51v et 52r note

[27] This definitive response was truly worthy of him. For the third time now, this Christian of another age allowed one of the adopted daughters of his heart to go bury herself far from the world. Aunt, too, was admirable in her tenderness and prudence. I don’t remember her saying a single word during my trial that could have increased my sufferings. I understood she pitied [30] her little Thérèse. But when Uncle gave his consent, she too gave hers, but at the same time she showed me in a thousand little ways the great sorrow my departure would be for her. Alas, our dear relatives were far from expecting

[52r°] [27] the same sacrifice would be asked of them twice over. But when God stretches out His hand to ask, His hand is never empty, and His intimate friends can draw from Him the courage and strength they need.

My heart is carrying me far from my subject and so, regretfully, I return to it. After Uncle’s response you can easily understand, dear Mother,



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