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Ms A 51v

[51v°] shine and the rain poured down in torrents. (I have noticed in all the serious circumstances of my life that nature always reflected the image of my soul. On days filled with tears the heavens cried along with me; on days of joy the sun sent forth its joyful rays in profusion and the blue skies were not obscured by a single cloud.)

[5] Finally, on the fourth day, which happened to be a Saturday, the day consecrated to the sweet Queen of heaven, I went to see Uncle. What was my surprise when I saw him looking at me, and, without expressing any desire to speak to him, he had me come into his study! He began by making some gentle reproaches because I appeared to be afraid of him, and then he said [10] it wasn’t necessary to beg for a miracle, that he had only asked God to give him “a simple change of heart” and that he had been answered. Ah! I was not tempted to beg for a miracle because the miracle had been granted; Uncle was no longer the same. Without making any allusion whatsoever to “human prudence,” he told me I was a little [15] flower God wanted to gather, and he would no longer oppose it!

[16] how I took the road back to Les Buissonnets with happiness flooding my heart. It was under “a beautiful sky, from which all the clouds were dispersed”! In my soul, too, the night had come to an end. Awakening, Jesus brought back joy, the noise of the waves was abated, and in place of the wind of trial, a light breeze expanded my [20] sail and I believed I’d reach the blessed shore, now seemingly so close! It was really very close to my boat, but more than one storm was still to arise. Hiding from me the view of the luminous beacon, these storms caused me to fear lest I should be driven far from the shore so ardently desired without any hope of return.

I obtained, then, Uncle’s permission and a few days afterward went to see you, dear Mother. I told you of my joy at seeing that my trials were all over. What was my surprise and sadness when you told me that the

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