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Ms A 53r

[53r°] Ah! how many souls would have reached sanctity had they been well directed!

God has no need for anyone to carry out His work, I know, but just as He allows a clever gardener to raise rare and delicate plants, giving him the necessary knowledge for this while [5] reserving to Himself the care of making them fruitful, so Jesus wills to be helped in His divine cultivation of souls.

What would happen were a clumsy gardener not to graft his bushes properly? If he was ignorant of the nature of each and wished to make roses bloom on peach trees? He’d cause the tree to die, which nevertheless [10] had been good and capable of producing fruit. It’s in this way one should know from childhood what God asks of souls and second the action of His graces, without either advancing or holding it back. As little birds learn to sing by listening to their parents, [15] so children learn the science of the virtues, the sublime song of Divine Love from souls responsible for forming them.

I remember having among my many birds a canary that sang beautifully. I had a little linnet too on which I lavished “maternal” cares as I’d adopted it before it was able to enjoy the happiness of freedom. This poor little prisoner had [20] no parents to teach it to sing, but listening to its companion, the canary, rendering its joyful tunes from morning till night, the linnet wanted to imitate it. The undertaking was difficult, and its sweet voice had trouble matching the vibrant voice of its master in music. It was charming, however, to see the poor little thing’s efforts, which were eventually crowned with success. His song, though much softer, was absolutely the same as that of the canary.


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