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Ms A 54r

[54r°] bright frock and white hat. I would have much preferred to go out of the church, but this was out of the question because of the rain. To humiliate me more, God permitted that Papa in his fatherly simplicity made me take a front seat in the cathedral. Not wishing to give him [5] any trouble, I executed this with great grace and thus procured this distraction for the good inhabitants of Bayeux, whom I would have preferred never to have known.Finally, I was able to breathe freely in a small chapel behind the main altar and stayed there a long time praying fervently and waiting for the rain to stop and allow us to leave. When we were leaving, Papa had me admire the beauty of the edifice which appeared [10] much larger when empty, but one single thought occupied my mind and I was able to enjoy nothing. We went directly to Father Révérony’s who was aware of our arrival as he himself had set the date of the trip, but he was absent; we had to wander through the streets which appeared very sad to me. Finally, we returned close to the Bishop’s residence, and Papa brought me into a magnificent [15] hotel where I did not do honors to the excellent cooking. Poor little Father’s tenderness for me was incredible! He told me not to be sad, that certainly the Bishop would agree with me. After we had rested, we returned to Father Révérony’s; a gentleman arrived at the same time, but the Vicar General politely asked him to wait and [20] had us enter his study first (the poor man had time to be bored for the visit was long).Father Révérony was very friendly, but I believe the reason for our trip took him by surprise. After looking at me with a smile and asking me a few simple questions, he said: “I am going to introduce you to the Bishop; will you kindly follow me?” Seeing the tears in my eyes, he added: “Ah! I see diamonds; you mustn’t show them to the Bishop!” He had us traverse several huge rooms in which


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