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[57v°] very well loved by everybody and Papa was proud of his two daughters. But if he was proud of us, we too were equally proud of him, for in the whole pilgrimage there was no one as handsome and distinguished as my beloved King. He loved to see himself in Céline’s [5] and my company, and when I was separated from him, he called me back to take his arm as we always did at Lisieux. Father Révérony carefully studied all our actions, and I was able to see him do this at a distance. While eating, if I was not opposite him, he would lean over in such a way as to [10] see me and listen to my conversation. He wanted to know me, undoubtedly, to see if I were really capable of becoming a Carmelite. I think he was favorably impressed by his study, for at journey’s end he seemed well disposed toward me. At Rome he was far from being favorable to me as I will explain later.

Before reaching the “Eternal City,” [15] the goal of our pilgrimage, we were given the opportunity of contemplating many marvels. First, there was Switzerland with its mountains whose summits were lost in the clouds, its graceful waterfalls gushing forth in a thousand different ways, its deep valleys literally covered with gigantic ferns and scarlet heather. Ah! Mother, how much good these beauties of nature, poured out in such profusion, [20] did my soul. They raised it to heaven which was pleased to scatter such masterpieces on a place of exile destined to last only a day. I hadn’t eyes enough to take in everything. Standing by the window I almost lost my breath; I would have liked to be on both sides of the car. When turning to the other side, I beheld landscapes of enchanting beauty, totally different from those under my immediate gaze.

At times, we were climbing a mountain peak, and at our feet



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