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[60r°] Our greatest consolation was to receive Jesus Himself in His house and to be His living temple in the very place He had honored with His presence. As is the custom in Italy, the Blessed Sacrament is reserved on only one altar in the churches, and here alone can one receive [5] Holy Communion. This altar was in the Basilica itself where the Holy House is to be found, enclosed like a precious diamond in a white marble casket. This didn’t satisfy Céline and me! It was in the diamond not in the casket that we wanted to receive Holy Communion. Papa with his customary gentleness did like all the rest, but Céline and I [10] went in search of a priest who had accompanied us everywhere and who was just then preparing to say Mass in the Santa Casa by special privilege. He asked for two small hosts which he laid alongside the large one on the paten and you can well understand, dear Mother, the joy we both experienced at receiving Communion in that blessed house! [15] It was a totally heavenly happiness which words cannot express. And what shall our happiness be when we receive Communion in the eternal abode of the King of heaven? Then we shall see our joy never coming to an end; there will no longer be the sadness of departings, and it will be no longer necessary to have some souvenir, to dig furtively into the walls sanctified by His divine presence, [20] for His home will be ours for all eternity. He doesn’t want to give us His earthly home, but is content to show it to us so as to make us love poverty and the hidden life. What He does reserve for us is His Palace of glory where we shall see Him no longer hidden under the appearance of a child or a white host, but such as He really is, in the brightness of His infinite splendor!

It is about Rome I still have to speak, Rome the goal of



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