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[64v°] ball fall to the ground and He went off to sleep. What did He do during His gentle sleep and what became of the little abandoned ball? Jesus dreamed He was still playing with His toy, leaving it and taking it up in turns, and then having seen it roll quite far He pressed it to His heart, no longer allowing [5] it to ever go far from His little hand.

You understand, dear Mother, how sad the little ball was when seeing itself on the ground. Nevertheless, I never ceased hoping against all hope. A few days after the audience with the Holy Father, Papa, having gone to see good Brother Simeon, found Father Révérony there, who was very friendly. [10] Papa chided him gaily for not having aided me in my difficult undertaking, then he told his Queen’s story to Brother Simeon. The venerable old man listened to his recital with much interest, even took down notes, and said with emotion: “One doesn’t see this in Italy!” I believe this interview made a good impression on Father Révérony; afterward he [15] never ceased proving to me that he was finally convinced of my vocation.

On the morrow of that memorable day, we had to leave early for Naples and Pompeii. In our honor, Mount Vesuvius made a lot of noise all day long; it allowed, along with its cannon shots, a thick cloud of smoke to escape. The traces it has left upon the ruins of Pompeii are [20] frightening and are a manifestation of God’s power: “He looks at the earth and it trembles; he touches the mountains and they are reduced to smoke.”

I would have loved to take a walk all by myself in these ruins, meditating on the fragility of things human, but the number of travelers took away a great part of the charm of the destroyed city. At Naples it was just the opposite. The trip to the monastery of San Martino, placed on top



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