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[65v°] effect, on the contrary...I had the opportunity at the little town of Assisi of climbing into Father Révérony’s carriage, a favor granted to no woman during the whole trip. Here is how I obtained this privilege. After having visited the places made sacred by the virtues of St. Francis and St. Clare, [5] we were ending up in the monastery of St. Agnes, the sister of St. Clare. I had studied the Saint’s head at my leisure and was one of the last to leave when I noticed my belt was lost. I looked for it in the crowd; a priest had pity on me and helped in the search. After he found it, I saw him depart and I remained alone to search, for I had [10] the belt but it was impossible to wear it as the buckle was missing. At last I saw it shining in a corner. Taking it and adjusting it to the belt was the work of an instant, but the work preceding this had taken up much time, and I was greatly surprised to find myself alone in front of the church. The numerous carriages had all disappeared, with the sole exception of Father Révérony’s. [15] What was I to do? Should I run after the carriages no longer in sight and expose myself to the danger of missing the train and thus upsetting my dear Papa, or else ask for a place in Father Révérony’s coach? I decided on the latter. With my most gracious manner, trying to appear as little embarrassed as I could though I was greatly embarrassed, I explained my [20] critical situation to him. I put him also in an embarrassing situation, for his carriage was filled with the most important men of the pilgrimage. There wasn’t a single place left, but one good gentleman hastened to descend, made me climb into his place, and humbly took a seat beside the driver. I was like a squirrel caught in a trap and was far from being at ease, surrounded as I was by all these great personages and especially the most formidable of all; I was placed directly opposite to him. He was very


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