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[70r°] nothing revealed my suffering, which was all the more painful since I alone was aware of it. Ah! what a surprise we shall have at the end of the world when we shall read the story of souls! There will be those who will be surprised when they see the way through which my soul was guided!

[5] This is so true that, a few months after I entered, Father Pichon, having come for the Profession of Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, was surprised to see what God was doing in my soul. He told me that he was watching me at prayer in the choir one evening, and that he believed my fervor was childish and my way was very sweet. My interview with the good Father was a great consolation to me, but it was [10] veiled in tears because I experienced much difficulty in confiding in him. I made a general confession, something I had never made before, and at its termination he spoke the most consoling words I ever heard in my life: “In the presence of God, the Blessed Virgin, and all the Saints, I DECLARE THAT YOU HAVE NEVER COMMITTED A MORTAL SIN.” [15] Then he added: “Thank God for what He has done for you; had He abandoned you, instead of being a little angel, you would have become a little demon.” I had no difficulty in believing it; I felt how weak and imperfect I was and gratitude flooded my soul. I had such a great fear of soiling my baptismal robe that such an assurance, coming [20] from the mouth of a director such as St. Teresa desired, i.e., one combining knowledge and virtue, it seemed to me to be coming from the mouth of Jesus Himself. The good priest also spoke these words which are engraved in my heart: “My child, may Our Lord always be your Superior and your Novice Master.”

He was this in fact, and He was also “my Director.” I don’t mean by this that I closed my soul to my Superiors; far from it, for I tried always to be an

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