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[71v°] of our dear Marie, the oldest in the family being crowned on her wedding day by the youngest, we had to be visited by trial. The preceding year, in May, Papa was seized with a paralytic stroke in the limbs and we were greatly disturbed. But [5] the strong character of my dear King soon took control and our fears disappeared. However, more than once during the trip to Rome we noticed that he easily grew tired and wasn’t as cheerful as usual. What I noticed especially was the progress he was making in perfection. He had succeeded, like St. Francis de Sales, [10] in overcoming his natural impetuosity to such an extent that he appeared to have the most gentle nature in the world. The things of earth seemed hardly to touch him, he easily surmounted contradictions, and God was flooding him with consolations. During his daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament his eyes were often filled with tears and his [15] face breathed forth a heavenly beatitude. When Léonie left the Visitation, he was not disturbed and made no reproaches to God for not having answered the prayers he offered up to obtain his daughter’s vocation. It was even with joy that he left to go and bring her home.

Here is the faith with which Papa accepted the separation of his little Queen, announcing [20] it to his friends in these words: “My dear Friends, Thérèse, my little Queen, entered Carmel yesterday! Only God could demand such a sacrifice. Don’t sympathize with me, for my heart is overflowing with joy.”

It was time that such a faithful servant receive the reward of his works, and it was right that his wages resemble those which God gave to the King of heaven, His only Son. Papa had just made a donation to God of an altar, and it was he who was chosen as victim to be offered with the Lamb without spot.


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