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[82r°] be realized, was my dear Céline’s entrance into the same Carmel as ours. This dream appeared to be improbable: to live under the same roof, to share the joys and pains of the companion of my childhood; I had made my sacrifice complete by confiding to Jesus my dear sister’s future, [5] resolved to see her leave for the other side of the world if necessary. The only thing I couldn’t accept was her not being the spouse of Jesus, for since I loved her as much as I loved myself it was impossible for me to see her give her heart to a mortal being. I had already suffered very much when knowing she was exposed to dangers in the world which were unknown to me. Since my entrance into Carmel, I can say that my affection [10] for Céline was a mother’s love rather than a sister’s. When she was to attend a party one day, the very thought of it caused me so much pain that I begged God to prevent her from dancing, and (contrary to my custom) I even shed a torrent of tears. Jesus deigned to answer me. He permitted that His little fiancée be unable to dance that evening (even though she was not [15] embarrassed to dance gracefully when it was necessary). She was invited to dance and was unable to refuse the invitation, but her partner found out he was totally powerless to make her dance; to his great confusion he was condemned simply to walking in order to conduct her to her place, and then he made his escape and did not reappear for the whole evening. This incident, unique in its kind, made me grow in confidence and love for the One [20] who set His seal upon my forehead and had imprinted it at the same time upon that of my dear Céline.

Last year, July 29, God broke the bonds of His incomparable servant and called him to his eternal reward; at the same time He broke those which still held His dear fiancée in the world because she had accomplished her mission. Having been given the office of representing us all with our Father whom we so tenderly loved, she had accomplished this mission just like an angel. And angels don’t remain

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