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Ms A 82v

[82v°] on earth once they’ve fulfilled God’s will, for they return immediately to Him, and this is why they’re represented with wings. Our angel also spread her white wings; she was ready to fly far away to find Jesus, but He made her fly close by. He was content with simply accepting the great sacrifice [5] which was very painful for little Thérèse. Her Céline had kept a secret hidden from her for two full years. Ah, how Céline herself had suffered because of this! Finally, from heaven my dear King, who never liked stragglers when he was still with us on earth, hastened to arrange Céline’s muddled affairs, and she joined us on September 14!

[10] When the difficulties seemed insurmountable one day, I said to Jesus during my act of thanksgiving: “You know, my God, how much I want to know whether Papa went straight to heaven; I am not asking You to speak to me, but give me a sign. If Sister A. of J. consents to Céline’s entrance or places no obstacle to it, this will be an answer that Papa went straight to You.” This Sister, [15] as you are aware, dear Mother, found we were already too many with three, and she didn’t want another of our family to be admitted. But God who holds the hearts of His creatures in His hand, inclining them to do His will, changed this Sister’s dispositions. The first one to meet me after my thanksgiving was Sister Aimée, and she called me over to her with a friendly smile and told me to come up with her to [20] your cell. She spoke to me about Céline and there were tears in her eyes. Ah! how many things I have to thank Jesus for; He answers all my requests!

And now I have no other desire except to love Jesus unto folly. My childish desires have all flown away. I still love to adorn the Infant Jesus’ altar with flowers, but ever since He has given me the Flower I desired, my dear Céline, I desire no other; she is the one I

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