From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 34 - August 11, 1868.

From Mme Martin to her brother

August 11, 1868

Little Joseph has been home for a month. With the wet nurse caring for her mother who’s in poor health, I saw that she had too much to do, and I preferred to bring him home. He’s always sick, and six weeks ago he came down with an intestinal illness. His limbs are no bigger than those of a three-month old. I’m full of sorrow and have all kinds of trials and tribulations.

Tell me the exact time you’re coming. The children are on vacation, so it would have to be the beginning of September or the end of this month, the sooner the better. It will be some consolation, and I need it very much, right away.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing your wife and your little girl, who must be much stronger than my little Joseph. This will make me utter deep sighs. It will not be from jealousy, please believe me, because it would make me very sad to see you as unhappy as I am and, especially, burdened with a difficult business and five little children to raise. But God, who is a good Father and who never gives His children more than they can bear, has lightened the burden, the Alençon lace business is slowing down. I assure you that it’s almost a relief for me at this point because I don’t know how I would cope if it were necessary for me to fill orders at this time.

Just this minute I received your letter, so I await with happiness your arrival on the 30th. Make sure that there are no unforeseen difficulties because if you miss this time, we’ll be upset, very upset! The children are all around me, dancing with joy.


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