From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin – August 31, 1868

 From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin


V. + J (Live Jesus)

From our Monastery in Le Mans

31st August 1868

Dear Sister,

Your letter yesterday filled my heart with joy, I imagined that my dear Father was going to recover, but today I see that it’s not God’s will. However, may He be blessed for everything, we have so much to be thankful for, for having kept our Father alive to this very advanced age (Mr. Guérin senior was over 79 years old.), and for putting him in such a saintly disposition in his last moments, I implore you my dearly beloved brothers and little sister, help him to pass from time to eternity saintly, frequently encouraging him to make acts of love, contrition and surrender. As for me I have permission to spend as long as I am able before the Holy sacrament.  

I implore you dear sister, do not let sadness get you down; may thoughts of faith support you in these sad circumstances. I also implore my brother and brother-in-law not to leave you at night, save your energy for the daytime, do not leave him and suggest holy thoughts to him, and lastly look after yourself or you will collapse and what will become of your poor little daughters.

I am sending you my power of attorney, put it in whoever’s name you like, either my brother’s or your husband’s. I am also opposed to affixing the seals; keep this letter, which alone will suffice for making sure the seals will not be applied.

Goodbye and take heart. I send my love for the last time to you my revered and much cherished father (Mr. Guérin would die on Monday 3rd September)

With my love to you all

Your affectionate sister

Sr. Marie Dosithée Guérin

Of the Von of Holy Mary

B. B. G.

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