From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin – August 25, 1868

 From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mrs. Martin.

From our Monastery in Le Mans

25th August 1868.

My dear Sister,

How your heart must be broken by this new blow (on 24th August Mrs. Martin lost her second boy); oh! Yes God’s ways are impenetrable! I thought He would leave you this child but he knows better than us what we need, let us leave it to him. This life is so full of woes. You, dear friend, should know, because ever since you were a child nothing but troubles of every kind have you suffered!  But the end will come and the extent of your joy will be that of your afflictions.

Therefore believe it without a doubt – you sow now in tears, but you will reap in the abundance of the Lord’s joy, when at the end of this miserable life you see your two beautiful little Angels come to meet you and tell you of the Lord’s mercy towards them, for did he not draw them from the mire and corruption of the world before they became sullied? 

Dear Sister, I would very much like to give you some words of solace but it is impossible for me . . .  Even though I find what the Lord has done very good and though I adore his holy will with all my heart, my poor soul is in much anguish, I miss this dear little one! In addition, your pain and that of my brother-in-law weighs heavily on my heart, I would like to take it all and not leave you with any, but I cannot, we each keep our own. I would like Isidore to come and console you. 

Dear friends, these words of our holy Founder came to me: - "when the Master of the dovecote comes to take the dove’s young, they put up no resistance, whereas if it was someone else they would lament" In this case, it is indeed the Master of the dovecote who came to take his little dove to put it in his Heaven, so let us acquiesce to his will with all our strength. . 

I advise you, poor dear Sister, to never ask for anything from God; if he gives you more children you will take them, if he takes them from you, you will summit to this. Try only to bring up your daughters so well that they will give God as much glory as the greatest Saints. Don’t you believe, for example, that our Bl. Marguerite-Marie saved more souls than many missionaries? God makes use of the weakest there is to accomplish his designs. 

Lastly, maybe the Lord, satisfied with your resignation, will give you what you wish for. But in the meantime, try not to put any obstacles to grace; be faithful to all that God asks of you.

(…. ) greater affection and devotion if at all possible,.

With my love dear little sister

Your affectionate Sister

Sr. Marie Dosithée Guérin

Of the Von of Holy Mary

B. B. G.


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