After the entry into life


Shortly after Thérèse’s death, her manuscripts were made into

a book thanks to the work of a team of Thérèse’s sisters and

the Fathers of the Abbey of Mondaye. Quickly sold out, the first

editions created strong bonds between Thérèse and her readers,

bonds that were reinforced by the innumerable benefits obtained

through the intercession of the Carmelite of Lisieux.

From 1898 onward, they didn’t hesitate to call her a “saint”

in mail to Carmel, first assessments of the people of what would

follow soon. It was a hint of what Pope Pius XI would call

“the hurricane of glory.”



Distribution of the texts of Thérèse :

1.Story of a Soul

Miracles & ex-voto

2.The critical editions

The Hearings


 Beatification & Canonization