Post cards and holy cards 1914-1918


Here are some pictures kept in the Archives for the First World War period.


Two charcoals ordered by Carmel from well-known illustrators representing Thérèse at the front, both done in 1915.

The halo was added later; on the left after the beatification and on the right after her canonization—no doubt by Céline.

 A left click on these two charcoals will open a downloadable file that is twice as big.

fusain-Jouvenot-guerre-1915 LT
fusain-annould-guerre-1915 LT

Charcoal by Pierre Léon Adolphe Annould

Charcoal by Charles Jouvenot


Several holy cards received by Carmel during the war. They were undoubtedly shown to Annould.

image-1914-18 01 image-1914-18 02 image-1914-18 03 

Death and life. Thank you for having come so quickly when I called. “Like a seal on my heart I placed you.” You already showed me the dawn of my heaven. You who are stronger than death, you, the Risen!

Your will be done. You as well. You have given your life for your brothers like the Savior.

For country. Our hope is filled with immortality

 image-1914-18 04  image-1914-18 05  image-1914-18 06

For faith, right and justice. He offered his life for the country, God accepted his sacrifice.

For humanity, for Country. O Jesus Redeemer, you who gave your life And your precious blood to save sinners. Look down upon us, save our country. We mix with your Blood, our prayers, our tears. Give the Kingdom of Heaven to the soldier who falls, And the palm of honor, the crown of glory. Peace, after the battle, show him victory. Price of your blood mixed with his generous blood.

For God, for country.

image-1914-18 07


Postcards received by Carmel during the first war.

carte postale 1914-18 2

By this sign you will conquer.

carte postale 1914-18 3 carte postale 1914-18 4

Reims-cathedral in flames.

To victory.

carte postale 1914-18 1
With this sign you will conquer. With the THREE AVE MARIAS the Heart of Jesus will prevail.
France, the soldier of Christ, close to nations.
carte postale 1914-18 5 carte postale 1914-18 7

With this card, I send my best wishes.

carte postale 1914-18 6

The men-at-arms will fight And God will grant victory.


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