The community library




The Carmel of Lisieux’s library during the time of Thérèse owned less than 300 books. At that time we didn’t have checkout slips for each book so it is impossible to know if Thérèse read such and such a book. On the other hand, the books in the room behind the choir are another story. We are able to detect several of them in the photo on the left on one of the shelves in this room, across from the ropes for ringing the bells. When a sister was the bell ringer, she was assigned for a week to ring all the offices of the community. In a mini-society without a watch, this task involved coming a little ahead and waiting for the exact time on the clock at the entry of the room behind the choir. While waiting, the sister read books from this room and she could even mark her page and continue reading during the wait preceding the following office. The probability that Thérèse read books from the room behind the choir is greater than for the books in the library.