Family and friends correspondence


For easier consultation, the same set of CORRESPONDANCE is also accessible under the heading Family life and the heading In Carmel.

Discover 1802 letters that were exchanged between Thérèse’s friends and family up until 1897; they offer a glimpse of the lives that were interwoven with Thérèse’s. This block of correspondence talks about life, and to employ writer A. Ernaux's expression, life with its content that is the same for everybody but which is experienced differently by each of us. Here you can follow one or another of Thérèse’s entourage in their vision of the world as time goes by, thanks to the very supple presentation of this site. Bear in mind that the postal service of the time was a wonder of efficiency, with two deliveries a day. At the Carmel, the procedure was different: the Sisters inserted their letters under a small bracket that was on the door to each cell, to the right of the handle.


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Translation: © Ann Connors Hess for the letters of Mme Martin - Society of  St. Paul / Alba House

© John Clarke, ocd for the letters published by the Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars - © for all the rest  Amanda Cazelles.