Holy cards given to Thérèse


A good test was worthy of a holy card, good behavior as well...Like other little girls of her time, Thérèse quickly began a collection which had a strong impact on her. In manuscript A (folio 31 verso), she mentions her love of holy cards and reading...”my dear Mother, I owe to the holy cards you showed me as a reward, one of the sweetest joys and the strongest impressions that incited me to the practice of virtue....”I lost track of time looking at them. For example: The little flower of the Divine Prisoner spoke to me of so many things that I was absorbed by it.” Thérèse contemplated the holy cards’ design but she read and reread their texts because she often cited their entire content in her works. This is why we are presenting them as searchable by text. A simple search then in the white search box to the right of “Who’s who” with the word “holocauste” will bring up the earliest holy cards where the word appears, then the texts from her adulthood where it is used, and finally the circulars read in the refectory that use the term, enhancing it for our young listener.

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