Dress making


In the dress wardrobe, the dressmaker makes dresses...  This funny sentence gives us three elements:

manuel roberie LT

the dresses

The term refers to the main element of the habit, but the dressmaker manufactures all other parts of it. The Carmelite habit is a surprising mosaic and it takes no less than a big book manuscript (above) of 133 pages (21.5 X 17.5 cm) to describe it accurately for dressmakers.

robe carmelite      

the carmelite habit

Clic here to discover all its elements at the end of the 19th century.

the wardrobe

The room where we make dresses and other pieces of clothing. We can see it here.

the dressmaker

It it the sister in charge of dresses and other pieces of clothes. Céline was a dressmaker, following Sr Aimee of Jésus, Sr Febronie, and many others, including the foundress Mother Genevieve. The work requires skill and charity, at a time when the sewing machine has not yet arrived in the monasteries.


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