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The garden work especially occupied the lay sisters. However, as the novices were used for weeding, it is assumed they could be used to weed the vegetable garden at the busiest times. This garden was reorganized in 1890, with a large purchase of seeds.

Besides a vegetable garden, the garden includes fruit trees and hay growing in the meadow whose sale only brings a little money. It is mainly used to replace the contents of mattresses, these mattresses stuffed with hay on which the Carmelites sleep. Its harvest has given us a nice photo of the community at work (in June 1896).

The straw mattress bag is a big burlap bag in the form of a mattress with every corner made and well stitched. They filled it with straw until it is well packed.

The straw mattress remains rounded for about a month: we had to make our hole in order not to fall out of bed because it was difficult to hold on to the first few days. It was like sleeping on a little barrel!

We changed the straw when the middle became a hole due to the crushed straw.


The community had a gardener until 1888, according to the account book. After that, he came as needed during busy times.

There is also a small poultry yard at the end of the garden which calls for daily care. The sisters eat eggs but it is not enough to feed the community.


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