Photo 22 - Saint Therese of Lisieux
Photo n° 22

Photograph taken by Céline the same day, feast of the Good Shepherd. The community is gathered together in the inner court yard around the Prioress, then Agnès of Jesus, who holds in her hands the “shepherdess’s” crook decorated by the novitiate with flowers according to tradition. Second pose.

Date: April 27 or 28, 1895- Saturday or Sunday of the Good Shepherd.

Left to right kneeling: Marie of the Trinity, Martha of Jesus, Thérèse, Mary Magdalene of the Blessed Sacrament and Geneviève of the Holy Face (Céline). ). From left to right standing: Saint John the Baptist of the Heart of Jesus, Marie-Emmanuel, Marie of the Angels, Marguerite-Marie of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Agnès of Jesus (Pauline), behind her Marie of Saint Joseph and Thérèse of Saint Augustin, Marie de Gonzague behind Céline, and behind her Marie of the Sacred Heart, Marie of Jesus with a very blurry face, and Marie of the Incarnation behind. A hand on the cross, at left Saint John of the Cross and at right Saint Vincent de Paul, before her Saint Stanislaus with a blurry face, then to the right of Marie of the Sacred Heart is Hermance of the Heart of Jesus and Saint Raphael of the Heart of Mary. Behind them, Thérèse of Jesus and to the right, Aimée of Jesus, both very blurry.

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