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[4r°] O Jesus, I know it, love is repaid by love alone, and so I searched and I found the way to solace my heart by giving you Love for Love. “Make use of the riches which render one unjust in order to make friends who will receive you into [5] everlasting dwellings.” Behold, Lord, the counsel You give Your disciples after having told them that “The children of this world, in relation to their own generation, are more prudent than are the children of the light.” A child of light, I understood that my desires of being everything, of embracing all vocations, were the riches that [10] would be able to render me unjust, so I made use of them to make friends. Remembering the prayer of Elisha to his Father Elijah when he dared to ask him for HIS DOUBLE SPIRIT, I presented myself before the angels and saints and I said to them: “I am the smallest of creatures; I know my misery [15] and my feebleness, but I know also how much noble and generous hearts love to do good. I beg you then, O Blessed Inhabitants of heaven, I beg you to ADOPT ME AS YOUR CHILD. To you alone will be the glory which you will make me merit, but deign to answer my prayer. It is bold, I know; [20] however, I dare to ask you to obtain for me YOUR TWOFOLD LOVE.”

Jesus, I cannot fathom the depths of my request; I would be afraid to find myself overwhelmed under the weight of my bold desires. My excuse is that I am a child, and children do not reflect on the meaning of their words; however, their parents, once they are placed [25] upon a throne and possess immense treasures, do not hesitate to satisfy the desires of the little ones whom they love as much as they love themselves. To please them they do foolish things, even going to the extent of becoming weak for them. Well, I am the Child of the Church and the Church is a Queen since she is Your Spouse, O divine King of kings. [30] The heart of a child does not seek riches and glory (even the glory of heaven). She understands that this glory belongs by right to her brothers, the angels and saints. Her own glory will be the reflected glory which shines on her Mother’s forehead. What this child asks for is Love. She knows only one [35] thing: to love You, O Jesus. Astounding works are forbidden to her; she cannot preach the Gospel, shed her blood; but what does it matter since her brothers work in her stead and she, a little child, stays very close to the throne of the King and Queen. She loves in her brothers’ place while they do the fighting. But how will she prove her love since [40] love is proved by works? Well, the little child will strew flowers, she will perfume the royal throne with their sweet scents, and she will sing in her silvery tones the canticle of Love.

Yes, my Beloved, this is how my life will be consumed. I have no other means of proving my love for you other than that of strewing flowers, [45] that is, not allowing one little sacrifice to escape, not one look,



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