Cornière, Alexandre

Corniere Alexande-Damase-lt  

Docteur Alexandre-Damase de Cornière


Born October 25th, 1841 in Bonnebosq, died June 25th, 1922 in Lisieux. 

Medical doctor and surgeon. Friend of the Guérins, he was the Carmelites’ doctor from 1886 to 1920. He took care of Thérèse starting in July 1896 and especially in July-September 1897. He was nicknamed by several sisters of the community, including Thérèse, “Clodion le chevelu” because of his plentiful head of hair. A devout and fervent Christian, he gave free medical care to many of the poor. He was called upon to identify the remains of the saint as a sworn doctor during the exhumations of 1910 and 1917.