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4r°] youthfulness did not frighten you in the least. Perhaps you remembered that often the Lord is pleased to grant wisdom to the little ones, and that one day, in a transport of joy, He blessed His Father for having hidden His secrets from the wise and prudent and for revealing them to the little ones.

Mother, you [5] know yourself that those souls are rare who don’t measure the divine power according to their own narrow minds; people want exceptions everywhere on earth, but God alone hasn’t the right to make any exceptions! For a very long time, I have known that this way of measuring experience according to years is practiced among human beings. For instance, [10] the holy King David has sung to the Lord: “I am YOUNG and despised.” And in the same Psalm 118, he does not hesitate to add: “I have had understanding above old men, because I have sought your will. Your word is a lamp to my feet. I am prepared to carry out your commandments and I am [15] TROUBLED ABOUT NOTHING.”

You did not hesitate, dear Mother, to tell me one day that God was enlightening my soul and that He was giving me even the experience of years. O Mother! I am too little to have any vanity now, I am too little to compose beautiful [20] sentences in order to have you believe that I have a lot of humility. I prefer to agree very simply that the Almighty has done great things in the soul of His divine Mother’s child, and the greatest thing is to have shown her her littleness, her impotence.



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