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[8r°] I am totally surprised, dear Mother, when I see what I wrote yesterday. What scribbling! My hand was trembling so much that I found it impossible to continue and I even regret having tried to write. I hope that today [5] I will write more legibly, for I am no longer in bed but in a pretty little white armchair.

I feel that everything I said has no continuity to it, but I feel, too, the necessity of telling you my present feelings before speaking to you about the past. Perhaps later on [10] I will have completely forgotten about them. I wish first of all to tell you how much I am touched by all your maternal attention. Ah! believe it, Mother, the heart of your child is filled with gratitude, and never will she forget what she owes you.

Mother, what touches me above all else is the novena [15] you are making at Our Lady of Victories, I mean the Masses you are having offered up to obtain my cure. I feel all these spiritual treasures do great good to my soul; at the commencement of the novena I told you the Blessed Virgin would have to cure me or carry me off to heaven because I [20] find it very sad for you and the community to have to take care of a young sick religious. But now I would want to be sick all my life if this pleases God, and I even consent to my life being very long; the only favor



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