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Ms C 18v

[18v°] no longer belongs to one. When one comes to you and says in a very convincing way: “Sister, I need your help for a few hours, but don’t worry, I have Mother’s permission and I will return the time you are giving me because I know how rushed you are.” [5] Truly, when one knows very well that never will the time one lends ever be returned, one would prefer to say: “I give it to you.” This would satisfy self-love, for giving is a more generous act than lending, and then we make the Sister feel we don’t depend on her services. Ah! how contrary [10] are the teachings of Jesus to the feelings of nature! Without the help of His grace it would be impossible not only to put them into practice but to even understand them.




Jesus granted your child, dear Mother, the grace of penetrating into the mysterious depths of charity. If she could express what she understands, you would hear a [15] heavenly melody; but, unfortunately, I can have you listen to nothing but the stammerings of a little child. Unless the words of Jesus were serving me as a support, I would be tempted to ask your permission to lay aside my pen. But, no, I must continue through obedience what I have begun through obedience.

[20] Dear Mother, I was writing yesterday that since earthly goods do not belong to me, I should find no difficulty in never reclaiming them when they are sometimes taken away from me. The goods of heaven don’t belong to me either; they are lent to me by God, who can



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