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[20v°] and covers the canvas entirely in a very short time; the other, the smaller one, he uses for details.

Mother, you are the precious brush that the hand of Jesus lovingly holds when He wishes to do a great [5] work in the souls of your children, and I am the very small brush He deigns to use afterward for the smallest details. The first time Jesus used His little brush was around December 8, 1892. I always recall this epoch as a time of graces, and I am going to confide [10] these memories to you, dear Mother.

At the age of fifteen, when I had the happiness of entering Carmel, I found a companion in the novitiate who had preceded me by several months; she was my senior in age by eight years, but her childlike character made one forget the difference in years, and very soon, Mother, [15] you had the joy of seeing your two little postulants understanding each other marvelously and becoming inseparable companions. In order to foster this growing affection which should bring forth fruit, you permitted us to hold little spiritual conferences together from time to time. My dear little companion charmed me by her innocence and her [20] frank disposition, but she surprised me when I saw how much her affection for you differed from my own. Besides, there were many things in her conduct toward the Sisters that I would have liked to see her change. At this time, God made me



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