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Ms C 21r

[21r°] understand that there are souls for whom His mercy never tires of waiting and to whom He grants His light only by degrees; so I was careful not to advance His hour and waited patiently till it pleased Jesus to have this hour come.

[5] Reflecting one day on the permission you had granted us of conversing together as our Holy Constitutions say for the purpose “of inciting one another to a greater love of our Spouse,” I was thinking regretfully that our conversations were not attaining their desired purpose. God made me feel that the moment had come and I [10] must no longer fear to speak out or else end these interviews which resembled those of two worldly friends. This was on a Saturday; the next day, during my thanksgiving, I begged God to place sweet and convincing words in my mouth, or rather that He speak through me. Jesus answered my prayer; He permitted that the result [15] totally surpass my expectation, for: “Those who turn their eyes toward him shall be enlightened.” (Ps. 33).  And again: “To the upright of heart a light has risen in the darkness.” The first statement is addressed to me; the second, to my companion who was truly upright of heart.

[20] The hour we decided on for coming together arrived; the poor little Sister, casting a look at me, saw immediately that I was no longer the same; she sat down beside me, blushing, and I, placing her head upon my heart, told her with tears in my



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