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Ms C 21v

[21v°] voice everything I was thinking about her, but I did this with such tender expressions and showed her such a great affection that very soon her tears were mingled with mine. She acknowledged with great humility that what I was saying was true, and she promised to commence a new [5] life, asking me as a favor always to let her know her faults. When the time came for us to separate, our affection had become totally spiritual with nothing human in it. And in us was realized this passage from Scripture: “A brother who is helped by a brother is like a strong city.”

[10] What Jesus effected with His little brush would have been very soon erased had He not acted through you, dear Mother, to accomplish His work in the soul He wanted for Himself. The trial seemed very bitter to my poor companion, but your own firmness triumphed. I was able to console [15] her whom you had given me as a sister among the rest and to explain in what love really consisted. I pointed out to her that it was herself she was loving, not you. I told her, too, how I loved you and the sacrifices I was obliged to make at the commencement of my religious life in order not to become attached to you in a [20] physical way as a dog is attached to its master. Love is nourished only by sacrifices, and the more a soul refuses natural satisfactions, the stronger and more disinterested becomes her tenderness.

I remember when I was still a postulant that I had such violent



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