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Ms C 23v

[23v°] takes to flight.” I am prepared to lay down my life for them, but my affection is so pure that I don’t want them to know it. With the grace of Jesus never have I tried to attract their hearts to me; I understood that my mission was to lead them [5] to God and to make them understand that here on earth you are, Mother, the visible Jesus whom they must love and respect.

I told you, dear Mother, that I had learned very much when I was teaching others. I saw first of all that all souls have very much the same struggles to fight, but they differ so much from each other in other aspects that [10] I have no trouble in understanding what Father Pichon was saying: “There are really more differences among souls than there are among faces.” It is impossible to act with all in the same manner. With certain souls, I feel I must make myself little, not fearing to humble myself by admitting my own struggles and [15] defects; seeing I have the same weaknesses as they, my little Sisters in their turn admit their faults and rejoice because I understand them through experience. With others, on the contrary, I have seen that to do them any good I must be very firm and never go back on a decision once it is made. To abase oneself would not [20] then be humility but weakness. God has given me the grace not to fear the battle; I must do my duty at all costs. I have heard the following on more than one occasion: “If you want to get anything out of me, you will have to win me with sweetness;



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