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[24r°] force will get you nothing.” I myself know that nobody is a good judge in his own case, and that a child, whom a doctor wants to perform a painful operation upon, will not fail to utter loud cries and to say that the remedy is worse than the sickness; however, when he is cured a [5] few days later, he is very happy at being able to play and run. It is exactly the same for souls; soon they recognize that a little bit of bitterness is at times preferable to sugar and they don’t fear to admit it.Sometimes I can’t help smiling interiorly when I witness the change that takes place from one day to the next; it is like [10] magic almost. A Sister will come and say to me: “You were right yesterday when you were severe; at first, I rebelled, but after I recalled everything, I saw that you were very right. Listen. When I was leaving you, I was thinking I had enough and I said to myself: I am going to find Mother Prioress and tell her that I will go no more with Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus. But I [15] felt it was the devil who inspired this thought in me, and then it seemed that you were praying for me. I remained calm and the light began to shine, but now you must enlighten me further. This is the reason I came.” We quickly begin to talk the matter over; I am very happy to be able to follow the inclination of my heart and [20] not serve up a bitter dish. Yes, but I notice quickly that I must not advance too far, one word could destroy the beautiful edifice constructed in tears. If unfortunately I say one word which seems to soften what I said the evening before, I see my little Sister



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