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Ms C 24v

[24v°]  taking advantage of the situation; then I say a little prayer interiorly and truth always wins out. Ah! it is prayer, it is sacrifice which give me all my strength; these are the invincible weapons which Jesus has given me. They can touch [5] souls much better than words, as I have very frequently experienced. There is one among them all which made a sweet and profound impression upon me.

It was during Lent, and I was occupied then with the one and only novice who was here and whose angel I was. She came looking for me one morning, her face radiant with joy, and said: “Ah! if you only knew [10] what I dreamt last night. I was with my sister and wanted to detach her from all the vanities she loves so much. To do this I was explaining this stanza of Vivre d’Amour [“Living on Love”] :

    Loving you, Jesus, is such a fruitful loss!…
    All my perfumes are yours forever.

“I had a feeling that my words penetrated her soul and I was carried away with joy. [15] This morning when I awoke I thought that God perhaps willed that I give Him this soul. May I write her after Lent to tell her about my dream and tell her that Jesus wants her entirely for Himself?”

Without giving it much thought, I told her she could try to do this, but first she must ask permission from Mother Prioress. [20] As Lent was still far from coming to a close, you were very much surprised, dear Mother, at the request which appeared too premature; and certainly inspired by God, you answered it was not through letters Carmelites



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