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Ms C 26r

[26r°] me, for she never fails to protect me as soon as I invoke her. If some disturbance overtakes me, some embarrassment, I turn very quickly to her and as the most tender of Mothers she always takes care of my interests. How many times, when speaking to the [5] novices, has it happened that I invoked her and felt the benefits of her motherly protection!

Often the novices say to me: “You have an answer for everything; I believed I would embarrass you this time. Where do you go to get everything you say?” There are those who are simple enough to believe I can read [10] their soul because it has happened that I anticipated them by saying what they were thinking. One night, one of my companions made a resolution to hide something from me which was causing her much suffering. I met her in the morning and there was joy in her face when she was speaking to me. Without responding to what she was saying, I said to her with [15] great conviction: “You are sad about something.” If I had made the moon fall at her feet, she could not have looked at me with greater surprise. Her astonishment was so great that it even took hold of me, and for an instant I was seized with a supernatural fright. I was really sure I didn’t have the gift of reading souls, and this surprised me all the more [20] because I had been so right. I felt that God was very close, and that, without realizing it, I had spoken words, as does a child, which came not from me but from Him.

Dear Mother, you understand that everything is permitted to the novices;



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