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Ms C 27r

[27r°] well seasoned with vinegar and spices, nothing is missing except the oil which gives it added flavor. This good little salad is served up to me by the novices at a time when I least expect it. God lifts the veil which hides my imperfections, and then my [5] dear little Sisters, seeing me just as I am, no longer find me according to their taste. With a simplicity which delights me, they tell me all the struggles I give them, what displeases them in me; finally, they are under no restraint any more than if they were talking about another person, for they know they give me [10] pleasure when acting in this way. Ah! truly, it is more than pleasure, it is a delightful banquet which fills my soul with joy. I cannot explain how a thing which is so displeasing to nature can cause such a great happiness; if I had not experienced it, I could not believe it. One day when I particularly [15] desired to be humiliated, a novice took it upon herself to satisfy me and she did it so well that I was immediately reminded of Shimei cursing David. I said to myself: Yes, it is the Lord who has commanded her to say all these things to me. And my soul enjoyed the bitter food served up to it in such abundance.

[20] This is the way God sees fit to take care of me. He cannot always be giving me the strengthening bread of exterior humiliation, but from time to time He allows me to be fed the crumbs which fall from the table OF HIS CHILDREN. Ah! how great is His mercy; I shall be able to



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