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Ms C 27v

[27v°] sing of it only in heaven.

Dear Mother, since it is with you that I am trying to begin to sing about this infinite mercy here on earth, I must tell you about a great benefit I drew from the mission you [5] confided to me. Formerly, when I saw a Sister doing something which displeased me and appeared to be against the Rule, I said to myself: Ah! if I could only tell her what I think and show her she is wrong, how much good this would do me! Ever since I have practiced a little the trade of correcting, I assure you, dear Mother, that I have entirely changed my attitude. When [10] it happens that I see a Sister perform an action which appears imperfect to me, I heave a sigh of relief and say: How fortunate! this is not a novice; I am not obliged to correct her. I then very quickly take care to excuse the Sister and to give her the good intentions she undoubtedly has.

Ah! Mother, ever since I got sick, the cares [15] you bestowed on me taught me a great deal about charity. No remedy appeared too expensive to you, and when it did not succeed you tried another thing without tiring. When I was going to recreation, what attention you paid in order to shelter me from drafts! Finally, if I wanted to tell all, I would never end.

[20] When thinking over all these things, I told myself that I should be as compassionate toward the spiritual infirmities of my Sisters as you are, dear Mother, when caring for me with so much love.

I have noticed (and this is very natural) that the most saintly Sisters are the



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