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Ms C 31v

[31v°] that Jesus makes me feel and desire trials. For a very long time, I had a desire which appeared totally unrealizable to me, that of having a brother as a priest. I often thought that had my little brothers not flown away to heaven, I would have had the happiness of seeing them mount the altar; [5] but since God chose to make little angels of them, I could not hope to see my dream realized. And yet, not only did Jesus grant me the favor I desired, but He united me in the bonds of the spirit to two of His apostles, who became my brothers. I wish to [10] recount in detail, dear Mother, how Jesus answered my desire and even surpassed it, since I wanted only one priest as brother to remember me each day at the holy altar.

It was our Holy Mother St. Teresa who sent me my first little brother as a feastday gift in 1895. I was in the laundry, very much occupied by [15] my work, when Mother Agnes of Jesus took me aside and read a letter she had just received. It was from a young seminarian, inspired, he said, by St. Teresa of Avila. He was asking for a Sister who would devote herself especially to the salvation of his soul and aid him through her prayers and sacrifices when he was a missionary so that he [20] could save many souls. He promised to remember the one who would become his sister at the Holy Sacrifice each day after he was ordained. Mother Agnes of Jesus told me she wanted me to become the sister of this future missionary.


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