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Ms C 33r

[33r°] you know as well as I. Well, Mother, I am obeying you and if at present you find no interest in reading these pages, perhaps they will distract you in the future and serve to rekindle your fire, and so I will not have lost my time. But I am only joking by speaking [5] like a child; do not believe, Mother, I am trying to discover what use my poor work can have; since I am doing it under obedience, it is enough for me, and if you were to burn it before my eyes without having read it, it would cause me no pain.

It is time to resume the story of my brothers who [10] now hold such a large place in my life. Last year at the end of the month of May, I remember how you called me one day before we went to the refectory. My heart was beating very fast when I entered your cell, dear Mother; I was wondering what you could have to tell me since this was the very first time you called me in this way. After [15] having told me to be seated, you asked me: “Will you take charge of the spiritual interests of a missionary who is to be ordained and leave very soon?” And then, Mother, you read this young priest’s letter in order that I might know exactly what he was asking. My first sentiment was one of joy which was immediately replaced by fear. I [20] explained, dear Mother, that having already offered my poor merits for one future apostle, I believed I could not do it for the intentions of another, and that, besides, there were many Sisters better than I who would be able to answer his request. All my objections were useless. You



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