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Ms C 33v

[33v°] told me that one could have several brothers. Then I asked you whether obedience could double my merits. You answered that it could, and you told me several things which made me see that I had to accept a new brother without any scruples. In the bottom of my heart, Mother, I was thinking the same way as you, and since “the zeal of a Carmelite embraces the whole world,” I hope with the grace of God to be useful to more than two [5] missionaries and I could not forget to pray for all without casting aside simple priests whose mission at times is as difficult to carry out as that of apostles preaching to the infidels. Finally, I want to be a daughter of the Church as our holy Mother St. Teresa was and to pray for the Holy Father’s intentions which I know embrace [10] the whole universe. This is the general purpose of my life, but all this would not have prevented me from praying and uniting myself in a special way to the works of my dear little angels if they had become priests. Well, then! this is how I am spiritually united to the apostles whom Jesus has given me as brothers: all that I have, each of them has, and I know very well that [15] God is too good to make divisions; He is so rich He can give without any measure everything I ask Him.... But do not think, Mother, I am going to lose time in a long enumeration.

Since I have two brothers and my little Sisters, the novices, if I wanted to ask for each soul what each one needed and go into detail about it, the days [20] would not be long enough and I fear I would forget something important. For simple souls there must be no complicated ways; as I am of their number, one morning during my thanksgiving, Jesus gave me a simple means of accomplishing my mission.

He made me



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