LT 132 - To Céline - October 20, 1891


LT 132                From Thérèse to Céline.

October 20, 1891


Jesus                                                 Carmel, October 20, 1891

Dear Céline,

This is the fourth time I am coming to wish you a happy feast since I am in Carmel....

It seems to me that these four years have tightened even more the bonds that united us so closely. The more we advance the more we love Jesus, and as it is in Him that we cherish each other, this is why our affection becomes so strong that it is rather unity than union which exists between our two souls!... Céline, what must I say to you, do you not know everything?... Yes, but I want to tell you why the Célines have blossomed earlier this year. Jesus made me feel it this morning for your feast. You have undoubtedly noticed that never had winter been so rigorous as last year, consequently, all flowers were retarded in their blossoming. This was very natural, and no one dreamed of being astonished by it. But there is a little mysterious flower that Jesus has reserved for Himself in order to instruct our souls. This flower is the Céline-flower.. .contrary to the other flowers, it blossomed one month before the time of its blossoming.... Céline, do you understand the language of my dear little flower.. .the flower of my childhood.. .the flower of our memories?!!!!... Wintry weather, the rigors of winter, instead of retarding it, made it grow and blossom.... No one paid any atten­tion to it; this flower is so little, so unattractive... only the bees know the treasures that its mysterious calyx encloses, made up of a multitude of little calyxes, each one as rich as the others.... Thérèse, like the bees, understood this mystery. Winter is suffering; suffer­ing misunderstood, misjudged, looked upon as useless by profane eyes, but as fruitful and powerful in the eyes of Jesus and the angels who, like the vigilant bees, know how to gather the honey contained within the mysterious and multiple calyxes that represent souls or rather the children of the virginal little flower.... Céline, I would need volumes to write all I am thinking about my little flower... for me it is so perfect an image of your soul. Yes, Jesus has made win­try weather pass over it instead of the warm sun of His consolations, but the effect expected by Him has been produced; the little plant has grown and has blossomed almost in one act.... Céline, when a flower has blossomed, we have only to pluck it, but when and how will Jesus pluck His little flower?... Perhaps the pink color of its corolla indicates that this will be by means of martyrdom! . .. Yes, I feel my desires are reborn. Perhaps after having asked us love for love, so to speak, Jesus will want to ask us blood for blood, life for life.... In the meantime, we must let the bees draw out all the oney from the little calyxes, keeping nothing, giving all to Jesus, and then we shall say like the flower in the evening of our life: "The night, behold the night." Then it will be finished.... And to the wintry blasts will succeed the gentle rays of the sun, to the tears of Jesus, eternal smiles....

Ah, let us not refuse to weep with Him during one day since we shall enjoy His glory throughout an eternity!...

Dear little flower, do you understand your Thérèse?...

The night, behold the night! thus like the flower We shall sing this refrain, oh, great joy! One day, too, like it, in the evening of our life Tired out by combats, the soul all enraptured Will spring forth, singing, into heaven's splendors.

Sister Geneviève transcribed this poem, with some alterations, in­to her notebook: "Notes intimes I"; partly on p. 35, integrally on pp. 170-171. She states: "A poem composed while I was still in the world in 1889. Thérèse liked it very much... she knew passages by heart."

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