From Father Pichon to Céline – August 20, 1894.


From Father Pichon to Céline – 20th August 1894.

St. Hyacinthe, 20th August 94

My Child, wholly mine in Christ Jesus

            Yes, yes, I give my Céline to the Carmel, to Saint Teresa, and to the Blessed Virgin. Is there anything dearer to my heart I can offer them? But it is what God wants! So go as quickly as you can and hide in the desert, take your place among the victims Jesus has chosen for himself. I have no doubts. I have no more hesitations. God’s will [lv°] appears clear to me. Let us make our sacrifice with goodwill.

       How grateful I am to you, my beloved Child, for having shed all your tears in my heart, for letting me drink from your bitter chalice to the last drop. If Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus, who would be resuscitated, you have all the more reason to mourn the revered father whom God has taken away from you. And Jesus mourns with his little child.

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