From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - After February 5, 1895.



From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - After February 5, 1895.

I wish dear little Geneviève a happy feast day… (Saint Genevieve’s day is 3rd January. Céline received her new name at the end of January. So as not to wait until 3rd January 1896, it was celebrated a few days after her investiture).

     I mustn’t, dear little Céline, let the first feast day of your patron saint go by without thinking of you and sending you a little keepsake; a friendly little note. I am now your godmother twice over (for her baptism and her taking of the habit - honorary godmother in the last instance) and I would readily take advantage of this to love you twice over if it were possible, but I realize I am incapable of it. I want to offer you a copy of the life of Saint Genevieve, but despite looking in [v°]the shops in Caen, I couldn’t obtain one. But I will bring one with me when I return to Lisieux. We showed Léonie the painting you sent her. I say “showed”, what I mean to say is we let her see it before giving it to her, for fear she would again be deprived of it. Your photographs were shown to her the day you took the Habit. The novice mistress had decided she would show them to her on that day. Marie will give you all Léonie’s news. I found she was certainly better; the progress will always be very slow.

         See you soon, dear little Céline. I haven’t been able to see you since your wedding day. I hope to do so as soon as I am able. I send you all my heart’s affection. Give your sisters great big kisses from me. I presume you are still allowed to do that as it has only been a few days since the great celebration. – The Bishop was able to leave for Bayeux as early as Thursday morning (Mgr. Hugonin had been invited to the Guérin’s house on 5th February). His upset came to nothing; it only came on after the lunchtime dinner at the Seminary. This reassured me, for I was already [v° tv]very concerned.

Your Aunt who loves you with all her heart

C. Guérin

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