From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 1, 1890.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 1, 1890.

1st May 90
Darling little Céline,

I’ve come to say a short farewell because I’m going to go on my long retreat. We must offer Jesus the sacrifice of your visit tomorrow. But you won’t miss out because I’m going to think of you so much during these days of solitude! Sr. Th. of the Ch. J. told me of your joy over the painting and the book. Do not fear that I think you are ungrateful; you did well to ask her, and besides, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the visiting room, being very busy with my paintings for Caen. O little Céline I know you so well!!! Your soul is like a fine crystal, like limpid water where I can see the reflection of Jesus’ divine features. Jesus wants nothing earthly to approach his lily…
You’re going to Lourdes… to Tours! oh what a wonderful trip! Lourdes! If only you knew how many memories this word brings back! Once painful! Now mysterious! The Blessed Virgin has blessed us all so much since that pilgrimage. [v°] Now Papa is the sick one. Ah! Ask for the recovery he needs!.. I believe that you won’t come back to Lisieux without having obtained great graces for him… Heavenly graces are so unlike those of earth!
And Tours! O darling, pray for me before the blessed picture that I love so much: “Bring my heart to him”… We will pray for Léonie, she read me Aunt’s letter. It’s incredible how one mystery follows another in our family. Poor girl!... Look how much God is blessing her, too. What a grace it is to have such Holy Parents!... My petit Célin1, let’s be holy too! Remember that your place is on Mount Carmel and, at the bottom of this mountain, consider the most beautiful hopes of this world as nothingness. You already know this, I know… because Jesus is instructing you himself and his word is bright. May his soft and smooth voice close your ears to the muddled noises to be heard here below…
Farewell my darling, do everything to please but Jesus alone and all of heaven’s harmonies will fill your soul and heart.
Sr. Agnès of Jesus
[v° tv] Since you can’t see me tomorrow, don’t come before Monday. Besides tomorrow is Friday (the first Friday of the month, when the Holy Sacrament was exposed, which cancelled visiting hours), at 1 o’clock there is the great silence, no one can go to the visiting room, so you’re not missing anything. The 8th is the anniversary of my profession.

[r° tv] Léonie promised to come and collect my pictures on Saturday on her way to the station.


1 Term of endearment.

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