From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 8, 1893.

From Mother Agnès of Jesus to Céline - May 8, 1893.


Darling little Céline, Fr. Youf will come on Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock, at least that is what he told me. He will knock on your door and hopes you can photograph him there, I see that going to Uncle’s would be hard for him but if it is impossible, take no [1 v°] notice. I thank you for the little cakes, for the cream, and especially for the pretty little insert. How kind you are to your poor little Paul.

If you didn’t want to come before Wednesday, come at 3 o’clock or ½ past 3 but not at 1 o’clock either tomorrow or Wednesday [2 r°], I say Wednesday because I will know whether the photograph has turned out well, I would so like Fr. Y. to be pleased.

I send you all my love. Today is the 9th anniversary of my Profession (8th May 1884), I am on retreat. Pray for me.

Your little sister and Mother

Sr. Agnès of Jesus


[2 r° tv] Tell me when there’s an opportunity for Caen.

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