From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 4, 1894.

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - April 4, 1894. 



Dear little Céline,

We forgot to give you an important message; it might make you laugh, but no matter. I would like you to ask the Mother Superior at the Visitation for Leonie’s hair should it be cut (for her Taking of the Habit, 6th April. Léonie had hair almost as beautiful as Thérèse). This request, coming from you, would of course appear to be for your own purpose. You will retain what you want as a keepsake and give the rest to us. Sr. Th. of the Child Jesus will tell you what she wants to do with it. That is the only reason I’m writing to you, having forgotten to tell you about it in the visiting room. But if you can, you would do well to ask for the hair today, in case they were to burn it…

Dear little sister, we must accept that in the eyes of the world all of us in the family are very strange. It’s just a question of convents with us. This madness will appear wise [2r°] one day when God crowns his chosen ones… But in the meantime it’s the story of the grain of wheat that falls onto the earth to bear fruit. If we weren’t aware of what it will one day produce, we would think the ploughman foolish to act in this way. What madness it is to bury his seed and leave it to rot in the mud… But he knows that in springtime a crop of golden ears will cover his field… so we [2v°] lose this fleeting life to harvest eternal life one day!...

Farewell darling little sister, let us endeavour to deserve the Father of the family’s praise and make our field fertile, ready for harvest day.

Give our love to our dear little Jeanne and Francis.

Your sister who loves you

M. of the S. Heart


Tell Léonie that we will be thinking of her tomorrow.

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