From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - April 25, 1897.

From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - April 25, 1897.

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25th April 1897

         Dear Brother Siméon,

       I would like to begin by thanking you and yet I want to tell you what a big sacrifice you had me make by coming to the Carmel in Lent. During this time, visits are forbidden. Fortunately the Visitor had come from afar! More fortunately still, he was expected by the whole community! As such, the door was held wide open for him. He went round all the community and joined in a charming recreation. Do you know what people said, Very dear Brother? That you looked like a Roman Prelate! I applauded this remark.

           The lovely and ever so kind letter you sent me was read out, accompanied with the photograph. [lv°] I don’t need to tell you how much pleasure it brought, and how much the Very dear Siméon is loved and revered here. It is for this reason that I wasn’t inflicted with Tantalus’ punishment up until Easter.

         You said, Very Dear Brother, that you can refuse me nothing. These words touched me, I would have liked more of a fight and, in my heart, to think of something to give you that would bring you pleasure, but I admit I am beaten. Your generosity overwhelms me and lets you have the last word (in terms of gifts, but not in the Heart of Jesus!!!...)

       The health of your other little Carmelite, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus, is severely compromised. She was a little better earlier, but she still has a cough. She has had vesicatory upon vesicatory put on, and the doctor has prescribed another one today. Despite her chest illness not having yet been diagnosed, everyone is expecting to see the divine Master pick [2r°] this beautiful flower. She is ripe for heaven and yet earth is claiming her: she is only twenty-four years old and, because of her intelligence and precocious saintliness, our Mother has already chosen her to help direct the novices. I, her elder sister, who will be twenty-eight years old on Wednesday, am very happy to be under her guidance! Ah! If only I could resemble her! Our lives have been so closely-knitted that I don’t think we will be separated for very long.    

When she is with Jesus she will call me to her… I wouldn’t like to ask for anything, because I want to do God’s will above all, whether in life or in death, but I never cease to repeat that even if I’ve seen two beautiful days: my first Communion and my Profession, I still have one even more beautiful one to come, which will be the day I die… O happy day! When will it come for me and all those I love!

      Very Dear and Revered Brother, forgive me for having discussed [2v°] my thoughts with you like this, but when I am on this subject I can’t seem to stop. Earth is so sad; one sees so many contemptible things and so many defects in the world that disgust fills one’s soul. Although we are privileged, God has put us in a glasshouse, and we spend our exile with chosen souls. Oh, what a great grace a religious vocation is! What fine examples we are given every day! The one that you have placed before us is very edifying. The Life of Dear Brother Léon of Jesus (Co-Director of the College in Rome) is one that leaves behind a sweet perfume in one’s soul, he was a saint!... I knew the Rev. Fr. Tissot, having heard him preach at Paray (on 15th October 1890, in Léonie’s company) and I’ve an unforgettable memory of him.

         Thank you, Very Dear Brother, for everything you have sent us, including “My Devotions” (Collection of poems by Fr. Salutaire, which the latter sent to Thérèse on 16th March), we never tire of reading and meditating upon all that comes from Rome…

           Please accept, very Dear and Revered Brother, together with our Mother’s most religious regards, the affectionate respect of your two little Carmelites.

The most unworthy

Geneviève of St. Teresa

(unw. carm. n.)

[2v°tv] P.S. Together with this letter, you will receive, dear Brother, a picture of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from our Mother.

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