From sr Geneviève to sr Marie of the S. H - February 24, 1896.


From sr Geneviève to sr Marie of the S. H - February 24, 1896.


Great is the power and authority of love, because it even takes hold of God. Happy is the soul that loves because it holds God prisoner, subjecting him to whatever it wants! (Saint John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle)

Here’s a wonderful thing! God really submits to the soul to perfect it: you would think he has become the servant and that the soul has become the Lord (Canticle)… St. John of the Cross

It is not a question of man’s willing or doing but of God’s mercy. (Rom. 9:16)

Blessed is the one to whom God credits righteousness apart from works and whose sin the Lord will never count against him!...(Rom. 4:6-8)

I the Lord will show mercy to whomever I choose, and I will have pity on whomever I wish!(Rom. 9:15)

To my darling Sister who served as Mother to me here below and who prepared my heart so well for Jesus… One day, her little sisters, now her children, will form her crown. And all together, singing the Song of the Virgins and rejoicing in the same immortal Spouse, we shall be reunited with our dear parents forever…

Today, the feast of the Agony, the day God granted great mercies to my soul. 24th February 1896.

Geneviève of St. Teresa


Living on Love and Dying of Love!!! (PN 17 et Pri 6)

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